We Stand Lyrics by gloria

What do you do
When all your world 
Goes dry
And how do you cry
When all your tears have dried
And what do you say
When all you loved 
Slipped away
Do you still stand
Trusting in the God of your heart
Do you still believe Him
When your whole world
Has come apart
Do you still stand
Do you still stand

What do you say
When all your friends
They don't understand 
They even laughed when you told them
You'd have victory in the end
But how do you tell your kids
When so many times
There's just not enough
This is what we say
Hold on children
Things are gonna get better
Jesus loves us
And it is in Him we trust
So hold your head up high
Lift it up and smile
This trouble here
Is only for a little while.
We'll just keep praising
the God we serve HALLELUJAH 
We're gonna keep believing 
On His Every word
And having done all to stand
We stand 
In the Name of Jesus 
We stand.