Heart-Strong Lyrics by gloria

What good is love 
At all
If you can't give it to help
Someone else
What good is joy
If you keep it only
For yourself
What good is peace 
If you can't give it 
To comfort
Someone's fears
What good is 
Holding on
If you don't encourage someone dear

What good is surviving pain
If you dont turn and help someone 
Make it through their storms of rain
What good are words 
We say
If they don't lead to Christ 
And His grace
What good is gain
At all
If we allow it
To make us fall
What good are songs
If we're too afraid 
To sing them out loud.

Cause you see
Everything we have
We have to share with someone else
Every pain we felt, every tear  we've dropped 
Have only been part of our test. 
Even the gifts
We have within
Are not just for our joy alone
Cause when we give
It keeps us Heart-Strong,  Heart-Strong,  Heart-Strong, Heart-Strong, Heart-Strong 
It keeps us Heart-Strong, Heart-Strong,  Heart-Strong,  Heart-Strong. Heart-Strong 
It's how we keep our heart strong.